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Please Note: We have recently launched and are in the process of building and expanding our library. New content is launched every month. We request your patience as we continue to add and build our resource library. Your subscription will also aid us in our mission to empower you on your journey to wellness and beyond.

Created by Arjun and Juhi, this subscription offers a comprehensive approach to holistic health, blending expertise in Clinical Herbalism, Holistic Nutrition, Functional Medicine, Personal Training, Quantum Hypnosis, Autonomic Response Testing, Mental Field Technique, Applied Psycho-Neurobiology & More

Here's what awaits inside:

1. Resource Library: Access a growing library of usable information that dives deep into the intricacies of wellness, covering everything from physiology and biochemistry to the bio-electromagnetic (energy) body, mind, and intuitive wisdom. And here's what we are working on adding:

A. Resources to manage the Biochemical Layer: Address underlying biochemical imbalances that may be hindering your wellness goals. For instance, optimizing digestion, cell membrane health, hormonal balance, cardiovascular health, thyroid wellness, detoxification, and more! Guiding you towards reducing systemic inflammation that manifests into disease. 
B. Harmonizing the Energetic Layer: Learn to declutter and harmonize your bio-energetic field. Discover the impact of light and energy on your well-being and how to harness these elements for optimal health.
C. Tapping into the Mental/Emotional Layer: Tools to identify and release limiting beliefs and negative thought patterns that affect both your energy and physical body. Accessing the higher mind to resolve deep-seated issues, including past traumas, trans-generational family patterns, and more.

2. Community Support: Join a vibrant community of like-minded individuals. Share experiences, gain insights, ask questions, and receive support.

3. Monthly Group Calls: Participate in live monthly group calls with Arjun and Juhi. These interactive sessions provide personalized guidance, answer your questions, and help you in your journey to wellness and beyond.

Our purpose is to empower you with all the information you'll ever need (nothing held back) to reclaim your true wellness and discover your inbuilt innate capabilities (beyond). This will enable you to find your true nature and shift your frequency to align with your true potential and purpose so that you can live a life of positive abundance, happiness, and fulfillment. Let's learn, share, support each other and grow together!

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